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Jade Roller Facial Massage Set (3 piece set). This is another relaxing and chemical free way to prevent anti-aging! These massage tools are to decrease and prevent the look of finelines and aging. Jade is cool to the touch and stays cool while in contact with your skin. The cool stone helps to brighten your skin, reduce puffiness, and promote blood circulation. Use gently on forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin, neck, and any other surrounding area that you desire. 


The roller and ridged roller are used similarly. The scrape massager is used gently to scrape (slide gently) across areas of your face,. This also signals to your body that blood circulation is needed. Thus, preventing fine lines and wrinkles. 


Suggested use: Use for 2-4 minutes on different areas of your face and neck. If skin becomes flushed, this means the circulation is improving - this is a good thing! You may keep your massage set in the fridge if you are working on reducing puffiness. Do NOT keep it in the freezer. 


Includes: Jade Roller, Ridged Roller, Scraping Massage Stone


Color: Green

Jade Roller Set

  • Includes: (Set of 3 pieces) Jade Roller, Ridged Roller, Scraping Massage Stone

    Color: Green

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