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This is the Plant-Based Alternative to Retinol! Without the harsh side effects AND results in as little as 2 WEEKS??!! Ummm...Yes Please!! This is why you may rethink retinol for good...


Bakuchiol Serum targets signs of aging - wrinkle surface area, and hyperpigmentation, similarly to retinol - BUT, without the dryness and irritation. This will brighten sunspots, soften fine lines and wrinkes, help restore firmness, refine skin texture, and even tighten saggy skin. Bakuchiol stimulates skin cell turnover and addresses all of the same skin concerns as retinol - WITHOUT the potential side effects. Normally sensitive and eczema-prone skin cannot tolerate retinol. No problem with Bakuchiol! It is naturally calming as well as healing. The gentle plant-based formula is ideal for people with sensitive skin - the serum can even be used on the most delicate areas, such as around the eyes. And, if you suffer from acne, you may even find some relief with this plant-based alternative. It is also an antioxidant, meaning it can provide some protection from free-radical damage. 


What is it? Bakuchiol is an extract rom the seeds of Psoralea Corylifolia (nicknamed "Babchi"), a plant grown in India. It has been a staple of traditional Indian and Chinese medicine for years. Bakuchiol is backed by scientists and dermatologists. Experts agree that this serum does not cause photosensitiviy (sensitivity to UV rays - another difference from retinol).


Recommended Use: You can also apply this product twice a day without a "ween in" period. 1-2 drops is all you need, alone, or mixed with your favorite daily face skin care product (Hyaluronic Acid is a popular choice because of the pairing benefits and assisting to lock in the moisture).


Potential Side Effects? There aren't many potential negative side effects. It is not a Vitamin A derivative, so it is less drying. It is also safe to use during pregnancy (however, you should always consult with your physician if pregnant or breastfeeding before introducing new skin care routine/product). So, whether you want to soften your skin, improve the look of lines/texture/hyperpigmentation, or clear up acne, this superhero serum just might make you rethink retinol for good!  

Bakuchiol Serum

  • Bakuchiol Oil Serum - 2% concentration. "A little goes a long way!" 1-2 drops is all that is needed. Mix, up to twice daily, with your favorite daily face care product. This serum is gentle enough to use alone, but pairing or using a moisturizer afterwards helps lock in the moisture and prevents any possible drying or the skin. It pairs well with our Hyaluronic Acid. See the younger you in as little as 2 weeks with continuous daily-routine use!  

  • We are very confident that you will love our products! However, if you are not completely satisfied with the product you purchase, return it for a full refund within 30 days from purchase.

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